December 2008


Casey is a 2 year old male who just arrived. He was found as a stray near Carlsbad. He was well cared for physically but not treated well. We think he was abused because he hits the dirt when he first meets new people.

He is thin and needs some good food to build him up. But he is very sweet, very loving. He has a lot of young energy but is not hyper. He likes other dogs and is good natured.

new casey family

This be one happy dog! Here is a note from his new mom

Hi Kathleen,
As you can see from the picture, Barley is settling in easily and we just love him! He will without a doubt be a GREAT match for our family. Thankyou SO MUCH for bringing him into our lives… we are forever grateful. He is already learning to use the dog door, is responding well to “down” well trying to get up on the counter or table, and responding to his new name. He is cowering less and I can already tell is developing some confidence in us to love and treat him well. He’s very calm in the house.
With gratitude,

Buddy Head

His name is Buddy, and he is three to four years old. He is neutered, has never had any health issues, and has been an active, vivacious dog. He loves to go bike riding, hiking and just walking. He does best when exercised vigorously at least once a week- which means running or bicycling. He also does well in the snow, and likes to go snowshoeing.

He has lived with three cats, and will chase if the cats give chase. However, he will lie next to them and has never been aggressive with them. He gets along with some dogs,but because of the attention he needs a single dog owner would be ideal. He loves lots of personal attention and a gentle touch. His current owner doesn’t really know how he does with children. He seems to be fine with her younger brother and sister, aged 8 and up.

He is trained to basic commands- he knows how to sit, lay down, stay,wait, and also knows “out of the kitchen” and “go get it”. He rides in the car and likes to go places in the back seat, but can get car sick on long rides. He is very well housebroken- He is both an indoor and outdoor dog- he has plenty of hair to keep him warm in this cold climate.

His family is moving this weekend and cannot take him. We are looking for either a foster home or a permanent place for this sweet guy.

Buddy has a new home….here is a note from them

Just to let you know all has gone well with Buddy today.
He’s sleeping at my feet right now. Kids all came over to meet him.
Thanks for your help,


Sandy is a darling little girl. We think she is about 15 months old. She was found as a stray. She has had puppies not too long ago. She hurt her elbow so that is wrapped up while it heals.

She is loving, quiet and sweet. She likes other dogs. She is a little shy and will do better in a quieter household.

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Marley is a six year old golden mix (Gordon Setter?) who is searching for a forever home after being dumped at a shelter. He has great energy (not hyper) and is one of the world’s best ball retrievers (or so he thinks!). He is sweet and loving and knows basic commands. Besides being very striking with his coloring, he is at that wonderful age of six where he has calmed and is quite content with some daily exercise (play ball), nice walks (play ball), some tug of rope (play ball) and lots of love (he has the “love gaze” honed to perfection). Marley is tolerant of other dogs, but soon loses interest and would prefer to be the only dog in the house (perhaps he never learned to play?). He loves a good chase and cats are the best chase he knows. He is housetrained, micro chipped, up to date on shots and neutered. For more information, please call Kristi at 505-980-7827.


Jack is an 18 month Male who will love having his own family. He adores people, and loves to be right in the middle of the action. He loves going on the leash, he is VERY affectionate.

He is very responsive to being trained and really wants to please. He is already learning all sorts of new things.

Jack will do better being the only dog in the family. And my guess is that he would not do well with cats.

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