November 2013


Bailey is a five year old female. She is spayed, has her shots and has been chipped. She is very loving and playful. She loves being with people and is very affectionate. If you are looking for one of those Goldens who just wants to be with you, this is your girl!

Let me know if you want to meet her.

Thanks everyone for your interest in Bailey. I actually sent her up to Colorado as part of our collaborative exchange with them for their support in helping with the financial costs of Buddy/Nelson. Here she is with her Christmas toys:



Freckles is a Golden lab mixed with a little something to give him freckles.

When Freckles first arrived he was terrified of the world and just hid in the closet. Now he is one of the pack. He is shy but loves being around dogs and people. He would be especially happy to be in a home with a female Golden. He loves walking on a leash. He is sort of a couch potato dog who is totally happy taking an afternoon nap.

Nice dog!

He sort of looks like Andrew Wyeth’s lab.51rsHEva2LL

email me if you want to meet him.


Rufus is a Golden Retriever crossfound in the South Valley with no tags, chip or identifying anything. Some kind people took him in and called me.. He is a nice dog. Even, relaxed and nice to have around. He loves people.

He is just sort of an all round guy.

Doesn’t jump, likes other dogs. Doesn’t leap walls. He is healthy and hearty. He loves being outside and doesn’t mind being home alone for the day. He entertains himself. We think maybe around 6 or so. We gave him a chip and shots and he is neutered, so he is set to go.

email me if you would like to meet him.


Bob Barkeris a little sky terrier who is bright, perky and funny. He loves other dogs and loves to play with people. I went and looked up Skye Terriers because I have never had one before. Here is a quote:

They are strong, canny, brave, and very independent. Not to mention the fact that when they love someone they are very loyal.

The Skye is very good-natured, loyal, polite, loving and affectionate. Brave, bold, spirited, playful and happy, it loves attention.

I would say he is a bit cautious and will do well in a home that understands little terriers . My son named him Bob Barker because he runs around the yard announcing who is there. He is with a foster home and they have told me he is ready for a new family.

email me if you want to meet this little guy.