September 2017


Joey is a 3.5 year old who was sent to us from Texas because he got really upset with storms. They figured we have fewer storms. 🙂

He is doing great and is romping with the others who are here. He hasn’t been troubled by storms and we think he is a fabulous guy. You can see the difference in his eyes since he is here. He is a very funny dog.

I would like to see Joey go to a family that has someone home during the day.

Email if you want to meet him


Tito is a 7 year old very sweet and mellow red Golden that came up from Carlsbad. Many of you know that we love and cherish the Carlsbad dogs 🙂

Tito was living in a family that had some medical issues and they were not able to keep him. They surrendered him to us and he just fit right in. Loves the other dogs, loves being with a family and ir really relaxed and social.

He is a sweetheart.

Eamil me at

Loki is actually darling – way cuter than this picture. He is a year old. And he actually has a beautiful tail, he is just holding in for this shot.

He is sweet, funny, loving and learning how to be a house dog.

Loves other dogs, loves people, wants to learn. He has had his shots and is chipped.

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